Join me every Friday’s while I step outside my accounting world and blog about my other passions, my favorite products, after all it is MY Pajama Friday!
About My Blog

Joanne’s Pajama Friday is a blog dedicated to all of the passions and interests I have outside my Accounting Realm. I believe that I am an educator at heart and when I learn something new or find an amazing product I love to talk about.

When I started my accounting business in 2007, one of the Core Values I knew I wanted to put in place was a feeling of comfort, relaxation and acceptance. What a better why to convey this by making my Friday’s “Pajama Fridays”. Now this worked fine when I had a home office. Hanging out on Fridays in my PJ’s with my assistant also in a street version of sleepwear ( aka Sweats!!) we always seems to accomplish more on these days when we were the most comfortable.

Now that I now have an office outside of my home, I am told that wearing pajama’s to work is kind of “frowned” upon (Who Knew?). So we expanded our Pajama definition to include what you feel the most comfortable in. For me it is …. you guessed it Tye Die Shirts. I Probably have 15 Tye Die Shirts and love them all!! We to this day still call our Fridays “Pajama Fridays”. So grab a Tye Die shirt and a cup of coffee and subscribe to my blog to see what I will be talking about this Friday!!!

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