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Essential Oils for Hair Care Using Young Living Oils


Essential Oils For Hair Care :


One of many ways I use my Young Living Essential Oils is in my daily hair care routine.  Using Essential Oils for Hair Care will:

  • Nourish your hair
  • Calm your split ends
  • Acts as a styling agent
  • Aromatherapy for you during the day
  • All Natural – why add chemicals to your hair?

My favorite oil to use in my hair is Valor!!

Valor essential oil blend is formulated to empower the mind and increase self-confidence. This uplifting blend combines the balancing properties of spruce, rosewood, blue tansy, and frankincense essential oils to help you visualize and attain self-empowerment. Designed to increase feelings of strength and courage and can help you reach your fullest potential.

Essential Oils for Hair Care



You can apply any Young Living essential oil to your hair.  Your choices are endless.  Here is my video I did showing you how in use my favorite essential oil Valor in my hair care routine.




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Big Bang Theory Whip App Review


Big Bang Theory Whip App Review :

I enjoy some of the more random apps you can download on a smartphone.  The one I will be reviewing in this video is the Big Bang Theory Whip App .

Big Bang Theory Whip App

You can down this app from Android’s Google Playstore and also for the Iphone it is available through your Apple app store. You should search for the name “Big Bang Whip” and you will find it easily.

For those that are fan’s of Big Bang Theory you may recall the episode where they introduced “The Whip App”


I did this video just after my Thryoid Removal surgery, so you also get a nice look at my scar right after my surgery (exciting I know!!)

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Google Losing Gravity | Internet Easter Egg

Google Losing Gravity

Easter eggs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Google Losing Gravity :


You may not realize it but there are alot of “Easter eggs” on the internet.  What is an Easter egg you ask?  It is a hidden message, or inside joke.   The latest one I stumbled upon is called “Google Losing Gravity”.

Check my video that walks you through how easy is it to locate this Easter Egg.  I just love these neat tricks and gems you can find on the internet.  Give this one a try.

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Burn Treatment Lavender Essential Oil From Young Living


Burn treatment lavender essential oil:

Burn Treatment Lavender

I have had the joy of being introduced to an amazing line of essential oils and health products by a company called Young Living.  Since I love showing people the products I love, today I am bringing you a video of how I treated a burn I got this week cooking.  I know shocker, right?  Yes I do cook… when the stars are aligned (big chuckle).  If you want more information on this lavender oil or any other of the products Young Living offer,s look to my link at the top of my blog, or you can contact me with any questions you may have!!

Cooking with Joanne — Making My Favorite Cup of Coffee!


On today’s video this Pajama Friday it is all about me!!  Shocker I know.  But you really need to know how to make my favorite cup of coffee.  I mean really what kind of friend would you be if you didn’t know how I take my coffee!!


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